Meet Salina | Jiemao Pro | Academy Founder

About Me

Bringing Los Angeles’s high standard of beauty therapy to London was one of my main goals in launching Jiemao Lashes & Brows and Jiemao Pro. I launched Jiemao Lashes & Brows in 2016 with my first site in the City of London followed by Stoke Newington in 2019. I went on to launch two further sites in 2021; Marylebone, in STORY Aesthetics, and Shoreditch, which is now the flagship of the brand.

Growing up in Los Angeles my mother owned a nail salon so I was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age. When I was old enough to work I was the Front of House at her mother’s nail salon handling the day to day receptionist duties. Much later I went on to study Art History at University of California, Los Angeles, I then moved to London to study a Graduate Diploma in Interior Design at University of the Arts London.

I underwent my first lash training in Los Angeles and then continued my training in London. To further my beauty training I took courses from CND, PhiBrows, Gateway Workshops, HD Brows, Deluxe Brows - to name a few. My love of innovative beauty treatments and products, including indulging myself in both of these in my free time, led me to further training and finally to launch Jiemao Lashes & Brows and Jiemao Pro.

I now own and run Jiemao Lashes & Brows which includes 3 sites across London and Jiemao Pro, a lash academy set up after identifying a gap in the training market in the UK. Jiemao Lashes & Brows is a team of 11 lash and brow artists who were all hand picked and/or trained by myself so that my high standard of work is reflected across all sites. I continue to strive for excellence and support my staff as to further training and rotation of the working environment so they can learn new skills. 

Yours truly,

Salina Boardman