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Meet Salina

Growing up in Los Angeles my mother owned a nail salon for as long as I can remember (she still does). I was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age and had my first coat of sparkly colourful nail polish on my hands and toes as a toddler, my second was getting my ears pierced! When I was old enough to work I was the Front of House at my mom's nail salon handling the day to day receptionist duties. 

I was told that I had to go to university because that's what you are suppose to do to be successful (any of you out there with asian parents can relate). I studied Art History at UCLA for my undergraduate and Interior Design and Design Management at University of the Arts for my post graduate degrees which all gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to build Jiemao Lashes & Brows. 

So, how did I get into lashes? I was a client myself once upon a time and this is why I really know what the clients want! I loved how lash extensions made me feel so confident and pretty, they made my eyes look so much brighter! I was obsessed. 

I took my first lash training in Los Angeles and my second in London. To further my beauty training I have taken courses from CND, PhiBrows, Gateway Workshops, HD Brows, just to name a few. I love beauty treatments and products, constantly indulging myself in both of these on my free time, with my main interest in skincare.

There’s a lot more to the lash industry than just your skill. That's why I am here to help you start your new lash business, brand, and grow your reputation as a Lash Artist. It is my goal for you to succeed.

Thank you for coming to visit, I am really excited for you to start your new journey as a Lash Artist!

Yours truly,