Why Choose Jiemao Pro?

Why Choose Jiemao Pro?

After years of research and development while working at my sister company Jiemao Lashes, I was able to identify what was lacking in the lash industry in the UK. 

Throughout my career I realised there wasn't any training courses in the market that were more than 1 day, this is not sufficient to learn a new skill that requires so much micro detail. Being a newly trained Lash Artist you leave your course and you start practicing your new skill; without a mentor or colleagues around sharing any hands-on experience to help you improve in this fast-paced growing industry.

Jiemao Pro was born and founded on the belief that a great set of lashes takes time, an active community, education, and quality products. It is the one and only accredited Lash Academy in the UK to offer 2 day courses with an option of an additional in-person hands on assessment day with me so you can continue getting the support and guidance on areas you need.

You will be a thriving, successful, and confident Lash Artist with Jiemao Pro.

Yours truly,

Salina Boardman